Azione Unlimited Cyber Program

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber Liability Insurance is a comprehensive package insurance policy designed to protect your business from liability that arises from the use of your computer systems, as well as your digital assets from the threat of “non-physical fires”(NPF’s). NPF’s threaten the financial stability, and in many cases, the solvency of commercial businesses when left uninsured or underinsured.


Cyber Liability Insurance is an investment in your business and not a cost of doing business. Despite the best efforts of deploying security processes and digital protections, NPF’s continue to increase in frequency and severity. More alarming, the NPF threat continues to evolve, and new threats continue to emerge.

Having strong Cyber Insurance is an important investment, along with sound risk management processes, to protect those assets.


What coverages are provided?

Includes in this comprehensive package policy are both third party liability coverage as we all first party out-of-pocket costs/expenses. 


The third party liability coverages paid on behalf of the Insured are: 

  • Network Security & Privacy Liability

  • Regulatory Liability

  • Multimedia Liability


The first party out of pocket costs/expenses that are reimbursed include: 

  • Privacy Breach Response Costs

  • Business Interruption Expenses

  • Data Restoration

  • Cyber Extortion

  • Cyber Crime

  • PCI DSS Liability (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards)

Policy Holder Services: 

  • Access to risk management portal and breach response services



For more information on Cyber Insurance, please contact:

Gary Kirshenbaum

P: 312-867-7351



Azione has partnered with Alper Services to provide for its members a program that addresses all of the above Cyber Liability coverages. This program has been additionally enhanced to provide even broader protection specifically for its member dealers.  These enhancements are not available in the open marketplace, and can only be accessed through the Alper program.

The Azione Program Difference

Special Enhancements

  • Coverage for claims alleging bodily injury arising from a security breach

  • Credit monitoring increased to 24 months

  • Breach response costs outside the limit of liability

  • $1M Defense Costs outside the limit of liability (or policy limit if less than
    $1M limit 

  • $250,000 Cyber Crime coverage included

  • $500,000 limit available with application

  • Dependent Business Interruption Coverage

  • Improved consent to settlement provision

  • Contingent Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage

  • Wear and Tear exclusion removed


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