Today’s employers recognize the vital role benefits packages play in recruiting and retaining the best employees. Yet they also face escalating costs and perhaps shrinking budgets, making it ever more
challenging to offer their employees coverage. Employee Benefits is indeed a rapidly changing and complex arena, characterized by rising costs, a multitude of plan options, and legislation that is often fluid
and confusing.


The Alper Employee Benefits Department consists of a team of experts with a passion for helping middle market organizations. We are inventive, forward-thinking, and empathetic to Clients' needs. We
understand that one size does not fit all! Each Alper Client is supported by industry-leading advisors and highly skilled account managers. We proactively address our Clients' needs and goals while delivering personalized solutions. What you recieve with Alper:


  • Integrated, sustainable benefits strategies for financial and human resources objectives

  • Reduced administrative burden to save you time and money

  • Consumer advocacy and engagement

  • Health Care Reform compliance and consultation




To speak with an Employee Benefits Team Member about the various programs we offer, please email


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