Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a Dealer cover other lines of equipment financed elsewhere?

A. Yes, as long as they are a current Client of TCFIF or Red Iron.

Q. What if my exact coverage amount isn't listed on the price matrix?

A. You should round up to the closest amount.


Q. What if I don't see a description that fits the inventory I finance?

A. Contact Gary Kirshenbaum at or 312-867-7306 for help.

Q. Will the program cover used equipment if it's the same as the equipment financed by TCFIF?

A. No, to qualify it must be floor planned.

Q. Are my demo's covered? Are they covered if they're offsite?

A. Yes as long as they are floor planned.

Q. Can I call or email Gary to renew coverage? 

A. No. Renewals are handled online with the exception of Boat and RV.


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