Alper Dealership Advantages


Property coverage for your RV inventory is available on your own individual policy. Complete

the entire form if you are interested in a comprehensive property and casualty program, and

submit it to Carey Urbancich at CUrbancich@AlperServices.com


  • We uncover and refund current and expired premium overcharges

  • Successful recovery of over $28 Million to employers


Property and Casualty

  • Cost reduction solutions

  • Discounted dealer premiums

  • Workplace safety resources

  • OSHA compliance support

  • Prompt claims resolution

  • Claim litigation support

  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation

  • Integrated payroll services

  • Alternative Funding Programs

Employee Benefits

  • Cost reduction solutions

  • Medical insurance

  • Creative financing options

  • Tax-preferred solutions (HSA/HRA/FSA)

  • Wellness program

  • Dental and vision programs

  • Life and disability programs

  • Group captive solutions


Retirement and Investment Services

  • Planning to maximize your retirement

  • 401(k), simple SEP plans, IRAs

  • Tax mitigation strategies

  • Maximize Life Insurance for Estate Tax purposes


Property  & Casualty Program Highlights

  • Garage keepers legal liability

  • Dealers open lot

  • E&O dealers, odometers and title

  • False pretense coverage


For more information, please contact:

Gary Kirshenbaum at GKirshenbaum@AlperServices.com


**This program is separate from the online Dealer Inventory Program.



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